Cookie Policy

1) Introduction

The present Policy forms an integral part of the Customer Agreement and describes how  cookies are used on www.quan2um (“Website”). By accessing the Website, you consent to  all the terms of the Cookie Policy. For any questions regarding the Cookie Policy, please  contact us by email support@quan2um.

2) Definition of cookies

A cookie is a small file that your Internet browser downloads and stores on your device when you access a website. Cookies serve to improve your user experience and the quality of our Services by analyzing your visitor behavior and preferences.

3) Types of cookies used on the Website

3.1. Functional cookies. These cookies serve to ensure the proper functioning of our  Website. For instance, they allow us to keep you logged in throughout the session once you are authorized, as well as log you in automatically on your subsequent visits. 

3.2. Marketing cookies. These cookies collect and store information about your actions and behavior on the Website, including, but not limited to:

‐ The URL of the referral page (the page from which you were transferred to the Webstie);

‐ The URL of the page visited immediately after leaving the Website;

‐ The number of pages visited on the Website;

‐ Time spent on each page.

Marketing cookies allow us and our advertising partners to tailor the ads shown to you to 

your individual preferences. They also help us evaluate the effect of our marketing  campaigns. 

3.3. Technical cookies. These are cookies that allow us to detect, fix, and prevent technical 

problems on the Website. They cannot be used to personally identify a user.

3.4. Third‐party cookies. Some of the cookies on the Website are provided by our partners. 

They serve to provide tailored advertisements, conduct marketing research, and improve 

ours and our partners' Services.

4) Cookie storage

Certain cookies (called session cookies) are stored only for the duration of a user session and  are automatically deleted with the browser is closed or the device is turned off. Other cookies will be stored on your device and possibly replaced by new versions of the same cookies from time to time or during each new visit. These cookies will be deleted automatically if you withdraw your consent or refuse them in your browser settings. 

5) Removing and refusing cookies

You have the right to refuse and delete all or some of the cookies used by the Website. Note that some of the features of the Website may become unavailable to you as a result. To remove the installed cookies and prevent your browser from downloading new cookies in the future, go to the browser's settings or preferences section. The procedure may differ depending on the browser you use. For more information about cookies, see the site 

6) Cookie Policy updates

The Company reserves the right to make revisions, changes, and updates to the present Cookie Policy at its discretion and without prior notice. The updated version of the Policy will be made available on the Website and come into force at the moment of publication. You are required to review the current version of the Cookie Policy periodically.