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JPMorgan CEO: I will never buy Bitcoin, but I support others' right to do so

JPMorgan's Chief Executive Officer, Jamie Dimon, stated that he will never buy bitcoins himself, but he supports the right of others to do so. In his address at the Australian Financial Review summit, Dimon also urged the Federal Reserve to postpone rate cuts until June. He expressed his views on cr...

Jim Cramer Bitcoin

Jim Cramer expressed doubt about further growth in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has reached its peak, and further growth is unlikely, according to former hedge fund manager of Cramer & Co and host of Mad Money, Jim Cramer.

Vitalik Buterin blockchain technology

Vitalik Buterin expresses his views on how blockchain technology presents the values of democracy in a new light.

He emphasizes that thanks to blockchain, we can reconsider the concept of democracy and freedom, especially in the context of the relationship between private and state property. The co-founder of Ethereum notes that the emergence of Bitcoin as a decentralized payment system was a starting point for...

Artificial intelligence has calculated the price of Bitcoin

Artificial intelligence has calculated the price of Bitcoin on March 1, 2024.

Currently, analysts are trying to determine the future direction of the main cryptocurrency, whose price this week is experiencing increased volatility. For example, on February 20, BTC set a 24-hour high at $52,900 and a daily low at $50,950. The day ended with fluctuations in the $52,000 range.

Bitcoin  70 000

An expert identified five catalysts for Bitcoin growth above $70,000

IntoTheBlock's Chief Research Officer, Lucas Outumuro, highlighted five key factors that, in his opinion, will contribute to Bitcoin's growth beyond the $70,000 mark.