Application programming interface License Agreement | Quan2um


1) Introduction and changes to the Agreement

The present API Agreement describes the terms of use of the Application Programming Interfaces provided by Quan2um Exchange. The document forms and integral part of our Terms of Service and enters in force from the moment you accept the Terms of Services by registering on the Exchange or using any of the Services. Note: the terms “Company”, “Exchange”, “Services” and other terms defined in the Terms of Service have the same meaning in the present document. The Company reserves the right to make changes, modifications and updates to the API Agreement at any moment, at its own discretion and without prior consent. The new version will enter in force from the moment of publication on the Website. By using the Exchange after the publication of the new version, you declare your agreement with its terms. The Company may also introduce changes to the functionality of the API itself at any moment and at its own discretion. We will notify you about the upcoming changes by publishing an announcement on the Website at least 3 business days before introducing the change. Older versions of the API will not be supported, and any applications designed to be used with the the older versions of the API may not work with the new versions. You must check the Website regularly to stay updated on any changes to the API functionality. Further, the Company reserves the right to terminate the API service at any time and at its own discretion. In such an event, we will notify you of the upcoming termination of the API by publishing an announcement on the Website no later than 3 business days before the API is terminated. The Company will not be liable for any damage, loss, costs or missed gains that you may incur as a result of the API service termination. If you are given access to the API by a third party, such as a Trading Platform, your may also be subject to that third party's Terms of Service, while also being subject to the present API Agreement. If a conflict arises regarding your use of the API, the present API Agreement will take precedence.

2) Access requirements

In order to use our API, you must fulfill the following requirements: - Register on the Exchange, open a trading account and deposit any of the digital currencies supported by the Exchange in the Account; - Ensure that the use of our API does not contradict the legislation of your country or territory of residence; - Ensure that your hardware and software are compatible with the technical requirements of the API; - Make sure that your device is protected by an up-to-date 1 security/antimalware system and not infected by viruses. If you become aware that your system is infected by a computer virus, malfunctioning, or otherwise defective, you must immediately notify us (and, where applicable, the third-party service provider, such as a Trading Platform) and stop using the API until you receive a permission from use and/or the third party provider to continue using it.

3) Limitations on the use of the API

The company retains the right to impose limitations on your use of the API at any moment and at its own discretion. Such limitations may include, but are not limited to, allowed trading techniques (such as automated or highfrequency trading), types of digital currencies that can be used, minimum and maximum order size, minimum and maximum trading volume, restrictions on locations where the API can be used, etc. We will make all reasonable effort to inform you of any new limitations at least 1 business day in advance; however, whenever this proves impossible, the Company will not be liable for not providing you with such an advance notice. Third-party service providers, such as Trading Platforms, may impose their own limitations on the use of the API, including, but not limited to, maximum order execution rate, maximum ratio of unexecuted orders, order price, number of orders, minimum tick size, etc. You acknowledge and agree that we may not be able to notify you of such limitations. You are obliged to comply with all the limitations imposed by us and by relevant third-party service providers and to not try to bypass them. Your failure to comply with the limitations may result in your orders being cancelled, executed with a delay, executed in part, or at a wrong price. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to proceed with executing an Order that does not comply with the limitations imposed by us at our own discretion.

4) Unauthorized access to the API

You must take every reasonable effort to ensure that your Account credentials do not fall into the hands of any unauthorized party. If any other person but you accesses your Exchange Account using your credentials, we will presume that they are authorized by you and proceed to execute the trading orders placed by the person accessing your Account, as long as these orders do not violate any of our policies. If you suspect that your Account has been compromised, you must contact us immediately. If we have reasons to believe that your Account is being accessed by an unauthorized third party we may temporarily suspend it and conduct an internal investigation. The Company will not be liable for any damage or loss incurred by unauthorized use of your Account.

5) Account termination

The Company reserves the right to suspend your Account at any time, at its own discretion and without prior notice if we have reasons to believe that your activity on the Exchange violates your internal policies or threatens to impair the normal functioning of any of the systems of the Exchange, including the API, or of any of the systems of the third-party service provider, such as a Trading Platform. We will notify you of the reasons for suspending your Account and of the steps you must take to restore it. If you fail to make the required corrections, we may permanently terminate your Account.

6) API technical support

The Company reserves the right not to provide technical support to any user who is not registered on the Exchange and does not have a trading account and a positive account balance in any digital currency. Further, the Company does not guarantee to provide a response to any support query submitted outside of the working hours of the API support service. There is no limit imposed on the response time for API support queries.

7) Risks

Like any method of electronic transmission of data, an API is subjects to limitations, malfunctions, errors, attacks and other risks. The Company does not provide any guarantee of an uninterrupted, reliable, accurate, complete or error-free performance of the API. The API is provided “as is”, and you use it at your own risk. By using the API, you acknowledge and accept that the API does not provide the same functionality as the Exchange and that it may deliver incomplete information and that the Orders you submit via the API may be executed not as expected, executed with a delay or at a wrong price, or not executed at all. Further, you acknowledge and accept that The Company will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of using the API or as a result of the API not functioning as expected, malfunctioning, or not functioning at all, as long as the event that produces the failure lies beyond our direct and reasonable control. You also acknowledge and accept that the relevant third-party service provider, such as a Trading Platform, may not transmit price quotes and information to the API in a correct and timely manner, possibly resulting in your order being canceled, not executed as instructed, executed with a delay, executed partially or at the wrong price, or not available for cancellation if you were to wish to cancel it.

8) Your actions in case of API failure

If your connection to the API is disrupted for any reason, you should immediately contact our support team. Any orders submitted through the API 3 before the malfunction will remain active and will be executed as soon as there is a technical possibility to do so, including while you are still disconnected from the API. If you discover that certain events, information or Orders that were supposed to be delivered or submitted via the API were delivered or submitted not as intended or not delivered or submitted at all, resubmit your API keys. If the problem persists, contact our support team.

9) Internal investigations

The Company retains the right to monitor your use of the API to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and our internal policies. Whenever we deem that it violates our internal policies or applicable legislation, temporarily block your access to the API while we conduct an internal investigation. An investigation can also be initiated upon a request from a Trading Platform, Liquidity Provider, or any other competent third party or authority. We may request you to provide additional information and documents necessary for the purpose of the internal investigation. You agree to provide all the information and documents requested without delay. In the event of your failure do so, or if the internal investigation reveals that your use of the API violated our policies or legal regulations, we may permanently restrict you from using the API in the future.

10) Automated trading

Automated trading is defined as using an algorithm (a program or coding sequence, also known as a trading bot or simply 'bot') that automatically employs a pre-programmed set of trading instructions to place and execute trading orders. The instructions may include price, time, trade size, and other parameters. A system that automatically places and executes orders without using preset parameters for automated decision-making does not constitute an automated (or algorithmic) trading tool. Therefore, it is possible to use the Quan2um Exchange API without practicing automated trading. If you wish to use automated trading tools, you must obtain prior written consent from the Exchange. If the Company authorizes you to use automated trading, you must comply with all applicable regulations and legal norms. Further, you acknowledge and agree that the Company may monitor the transactions carried out using automated trading algorithms, collect and store information about these transactions and algorithms used by you, disclose this information to the relevant authorities, liquidity providers, partners and other third parties whenever required to do so by law or to ensure compliance with our internal policies, and take any other justified action relative to the automated trades executed by you, including blocking, canceling and reversing them.