A New European Crypto Exchange Quan2um has been Released
new european crypto exchange quan2um

A New European Crypto Exchange Quan2um has been Released

After long months of development, a new crypto exchange, Quan2um, has been launched! 

Quan2um’s goal is to provide every trader and investor with access to trading with a large number of trading pairs. Quan2um also guarantees a high level of comfort when depositing and withdrawing funds.

Trading is now available in test mode and testers started trading several weeks ago. They appreciated the advantages of instant deposit and withdrawal, large liquidity reserve, and the user-friendly interface of the new cryptocurrency trading platform. Users are especially impressed by the possibility to deposit and withdraw foreign currency without additional conversions and losses on commissions.

The new cryptocurrency trading platform attracts more and more users every day. Users include both professional traders and those who are new to the field wanting to buy their first digital coin.

The Quan2um team has decided to meet the needs of traders who make a large number of trades and has therefore, canceled the commission for both takers and makers until the 1st June of 2022. This means that every user will be able to place an unlimited number of transactions without losing money on commissions. This is a unique offer that is not available on any other trading platform.

 A large number of trading pairs include both popular and new cryptocurrencies, as well as a large number of well-known fiat currencies. Quan2um covers TOP-20 countries in terms of crypto-trading activity. In this way, users can use their own national currencies without worrying over first exchanging their income to dollars or euros.

Quan2um also allows users to deposit funds from a bank card, regardless of which bank services you use or which country you live. The main difference between Quan2um and competitors (including the well-known leaders) is the multi-level support for fiat money. You can top up your account not only via bank card but also via electronic payment systems where funds are stored in local currency.

Instant deposit and withdrawal are a novelty for cryptocurrency platforms. You don't have to wait 24 hours or even until the next business day comes. Deposits and withdrawals are available 24/7 without any delays from the platform. 

Mixed crypto-fiat trading pairs are also a logical extension of the Quan2um concept. Pairings are more convenient for novice traders who want to deal with only one cryptocurrency.

Quan2um’s user-friendly conditions for investors also benefits traders who prefer to keep cryptocurrencies for long periods of time. The Quan2um exchange provides a reliable tool with the maximum level of protection regardless of how you invest.

Low fees are another guarantee of successful trading. Quan2um is focused on making sure that clients are always able to make a trading transaction without worrying about overpaying on fees. That's why Quan2um's fees are one of the lowest in the industry!

Investment-Friendly Crypto Exchange

One of the distinctive features of Quan2um is the high level of protection of client data. The company supports customers using the platform not only for trading but also for long-term investment. For that reason, Quan2um is a crypto exchange without high-risk trading instruments. There is no opportunity to trade with leverage here, as this option mostly attracts inexperienced traders and eventually leads to loss of funds. There is also no futures trading at Quan2um. 

Quan2um's goal is to present convenient trading tools and related features for every client who wants to trade with their own money.  Thanks to a user-friendly interface, low fees, easy deposit and withdrawal, and other factors, right after the release Quan2um was included in the top rating of the best new trading crypto apps for ios and android.

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