Reliable and Safe Exchange for Storing Cryptocurrency

Reliable and Safe Exchange for Storing Cryptocurrency

Quan2um is a European licensed crypto exchange that fully complies with the current international legislation. On the one hand, it offers fast registration, convenient trading opportunities, easy depositing, and withdrawal of funds. On the other hand, it fully meets the requirements of regulators. Among such requirements is KYC ("Know Your Customer"); this means every user must be identified and their identity confirmed before they enter the exchange.

Quan2um's serious approach to securing user accounts and their money allows to it to be used as a cryptocurrency wallet. While some users deposit fiat money, buy cryptocurrency, trade and withdraw profits, others can deposit American dollars or Russian rubles to buy a cryptocurrency and store it for several years waiting for its value to rise. Since Quan2um is a European licensed crypto exchange, both traders and investors are always sure that its activities are strictly controlled by international financial regulators.

Сrypto Exchange with Instant Withdrawals

One of the most frustrating  issues when working with cryptocurrencies is the delayed withdrawal of funds. Neither the trader nor the investor wants to wait for the money they earned to be transferred to their bank account.

Quan2um decided to keep it simple. With Quan2um, deposit and withdrawal of funds are instant. Delays depend solely on your bank or varying individual features of cryptocurrencies. The platform does not create any unnecessary delays. So. you can start trading as soon as possible.Or, vice-versa you can also withdraw your funds rapidly without any wait. Such functionality is a godsend for traders and investors.

Many believe that Quan2um is a brand new crypto trading platform. Yet though Quan2um is new on the scene, months of hard work and a large amount of investment have already been spent. The Quan2um team is still actively monitoring user feedback and continually introducing new and better features.

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