Analysts See Bullish Sentiment in the Bitcoin Options Market

Analysts See Bullish Sentiment in the Bitcoin Options Market

Despite the correction, derivative market indicators suggest sustained bullish sentiment towards Bitcoin ahead of the weekly, monthly, and quarterly position expirations on June 28th. This was stated by several experts in an interview with The Block.

On the designated date, the put/call ratio of options stands at 0.51, indicating trader optimism.

"The number of calls significantly exceeds puts, especially starting from $65,000. This is likely a byproduct of the bullish sentiment with which we opened the month, rather than the current situation," noted Cube.Exchange CEO Bartosz Lipinski.

According to QCP Capital analysts, the options market does not expect increased volatility in July, especially following reports of payouts to Mt.Gox creditors.

"We see little activity in the July derivatives market, which suggests that traders do not anticipate volatility around the distribution itself [of the collapsed exchange]," the experts added.

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