How to invest in Masternodes x10

How to invest in Masternodes x10

"Masternodes x10" is an opportunity to invest in a big way without risking your own funds.

We'll simply multiply your balance tenfold and charge eco-mining rewards on that amount. 

First, register on the Quan2um crypto exchange and confirm your e-mail. After these actions in your personal cabinet, click "Investing MN" - "Masternode x10".

A window will open with the necessary information for investing and a deposit control panel. Here you can see the actual ROI, balance, profit, etc. 

If you don't have enough money to invest, click "Refill" in the top bar of the window.

To deposit funds, click "Deposit" and then enter the required amount in the "I want to invest" field. In the field below, you will see the amount multiplied by ten times, on which the remuneration for ecomining will be accrued. Click "Invest". 

Welcome to the future! Now you will receive ten times the remuneration for ecomining. Please note that the deposit must be withdrawn no later than 365 days. Otherwise, it will be burned. 

Under "Masternode x10" there is a card with a timer, after which the deposit will disappear. Also, this card displays the amount left to deposit for withdrawal. 

You can take to your personal account only your coins and the reward received, but in order to withdraw them, you need to replenish the balance for the amount we multiplied. 

Click "Deposit" and enter the missing amount. You can do it all at once, or you can do it in installments. When your account is funded, you can withdraw your deposit and coins by waiting 7 days after the request, or you can wait for automatic withdrawal after 365 days. 

Transaction history is displayed in the field of the same name at the bottom of the page.