If you are not satisfied with our Services and would like to lodge a complaint, please send an email to [email protected] message should include the following:

Your full name;

- A detailed description of the events that led to the complaint being lodged;

- A desirable resolution (i.e. how you would like us to resolve the issue);

- Scans, screenshots or photographs of the relevant documents, error messages, etc.

The following rules apply to the complaint procedure:

1) The complaint should be lodged within 1 working day after the event in question has transpired. The Company reserves the right to refuse to investigate the complaint if this condition is not met.

2) The complaint must be lodged using the same email address that you have used to register on our Website. If you use a different email address to send your message, the Company may refuse to investigate the complaint.

3) We will make all reasonable effort to complete the investigation of each complaint within 2 weeks, as long as you provide all the necessary documents in your initial email. However, in some cases it can take more time to process the complaint. If the required time exceeds 2 weeks, we will keep you notified via email.

4) The Company may request additional documents, scans or screenshots to clarify the issue. A failure to provide the materials requested may result in your complaint being refused.

5) The Company may refuse to process a complaint lodged in an impolite or rude form, or in any other form that violates our established policies.

6) If the processing of your complaint requires involving a third party, you will be liable for any costs and fees that may result from it.

7) If the same complaint message is sent to us several times, we may consider it a violation of our anti-spam policy and refuse to process it.

8) All the messages and documents pertaining to your claim will be stored in accordance with out AML and KYC policy.